Technical specifications of SVR 3L under TCVN 3769:2006

Properties Figure (%)
Dirt Content, % wt, max 0.03
Ash Content, % wt, max 0.50
Nitrogen Content, % wt, max 0.60
Volatile matter, % Wt, Max 0.80
 Initial Plasticity (Po), min 35
Plasticity Retention Index (PRI), min 60
Colour Index, max 6

SVR 3L rubber is very popular rubber sectors in Vietnam at present, products are dominant in comparison with products produced by RSS technology before. This product is being applied in many fields, to meet product standards achieved 3L products to satisfy the important characteristics such as the Pro, Clor (Lovibond), function of the quality, save the … that in the standard rules.

Usages: Advanced automobile tire, wire cable, to teach advanced, medical products, industrial electronics…